Lame Brain?

See Political Views Are Reflected in Brain Structure from Science Daily for details on young adult brain differences a report in Current Biology.

The study involves young adults rather than hard-core, entrenched “wingers.” Results from a study like this could lead to some very interesting brain-based biases in a future near you.

Here’s how this bit of news becomes fodder for fiction. The grandchildren and great-grandchildren of West Side Story fans will sing and dance to the soundtrack of a future blockbuster movie, Brain Region Scandals.There is a gang rivalry between the Cingulates and the Amygdalas. Against all odds a young liberal named Tina falls in love with Mark. There’s just one problem. She’s a Cingulate and he’s an Amydaga. That, and Mark’s younger sister is a staunch conservative named Betty who just happens to be the leader of the Amygdala gang.

The movie will be celebrated as a biopunk masterpiece that revives musical theater for the next 97 years. An unintended result will be a second generation fan revival of Schlong’s “Punk Side Story.”

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