Thematic Notes on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

in progress …. Chapter Titles 1. The Boy Who Lived 2. The Vanishing Glass 3. The Letters from No One Colors Blonde Ch 1: Petunia Ch 2: Dudley Silver Ch 1: Albus’ hair and beard Black Ch 1: Rubeus’ hair and beard Ch 1: Harry’s hair Gray (Grey… my preferred spelling of the color; Iron) […]

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3rd Dramatic Situation: Crime Pursued by Vengeance

This information is from Georg Polti’s The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations with supplementary synopsis where I could find a reference online. Each synopsis focuses only on the main characters and eliminates other aspects of the plot. III. Crime Pursued by Vengeance: Avenger; Criminal A. 1. The Avenging of a Slain Parent or Ancestor “The Singer” (anonymous) […]

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Anxiety research for fiction

Here is my list of articles, with links, for researching anxiety. Perhaps you’ll find it useful. From Computerized Anxiety Therapy Found Helpful in Small Trial. 2011.09.15th Foundation: Cognitive bias modification (CBM) uses computer software to re-interpret anxiety-producing situations. CBM has been studied since 2002; however, only since 2009 has there been published research on […]

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ILE (ENTp) intertype relations

Ne 1 = Base Function Ti 2 = Creative Function 3 = Role Function 4 = Vulnerable Function 5 = Suggestive Function 6 = Mobilizing Function 7 = Ignoring Function 8 = Demonstrative Function Ti Ne (Fe Si) 12-56 Dual 56

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Temperaments and Alchemical Elements

According to Wikipedia, that bastion of truth, Victor Gulenko is a prominent socionist (adherent to socionics theory) and analytical psychologist who developed a hypothesis of the distribution of temperament in the socion (16 socionics information processing types). In tradition there are four Platonic or alchemical elements that are associated with temperament. I have taken my […]

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Hogwarts School Houses Sorted by Personality Type

Several websites and numerous hobbyists have already given theirĀ  input on how personality types can be arranged into the four houses of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Add this to the list. I do not take this seriously. I am writing it with serious intent, but […]

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Anger in Plot Development: Part 1, Unexpressed Anger

See Study: Compassion, not sanctions, is best response to workplace anger at AAAS for an article from Temple University Fox School of Business. Developing Plot 101: Ratchet up the drama by letting a character name the current “problem” in a fit of anger and then be punished for the outburst. My understanding of plot is […]

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Developing Eyes for Details in Writing

See Is Beauty Found in the Whites of the Eyes? ‘Red Eyes’ Associated With the Sad and Unattractive on Science Daily for the news of this research published in Ethology. How is an author to keep her fans from developing an unhealthy attraction to the wrong character? Type “Severus Snape” in a search engine and […]

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Lame Brain?

See Political Views Are Reflected in Brain Structure from Science Daily for details on young adult brain differences a report in Current Biology. The study involves young adults rather than hard-core, entrenched “wingers.” Results from a study like this could lead to some very interesting brain-based biases in a future near you. Here’s how this […]

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Heartbeat in a Hurry

See Personal Touch: Hearing a Heartbeat Has the Same Effect as Looking Each Other in the Eye at ScienceDaily for a description of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Stanford University and Philips Research findings. It makes perfect sense, that article title above. My husband is my only close historical boyfriend. When we dated, it […]

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