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I’ve gone and done it now: Harry Potter fan fiction

I’m in the midst of a Harry Potter fan fiction which will involve some quantum physics theory about time travel. So far I’ve decided to include the Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment, as it is a bewitching example of quantum conundrums. I will also have some discussion of traversable wormholes and the concept of time and […]

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Imagine a World Where Brain Activity Is Visualized

See “People control thoughts better when they see their brain activity: UBC study” regarding a study published in NeuroImage. The link above discusses brain activity feedback shown to participants who undertook mental tasks. It reminds me of biofeedback experiments. The link also makes a connection to athletic coaching methods. An athlete often watches video tapes […]


On Motivating Distance Learners

Disclaimer: My remarks are based on a cursory reading of an academic paper. This is part of a survey of research topics of interest to me. Pittenger, A., & Doering, A. (2010). Influence of motivational design on completion rates in online self-study pharmacy-content courses. Distance Education, 31(3), 275-293. doi: 10.1080/01587919.2010.513953 (Noted bibliographic sources from this […]

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Newest Fan Fiction

I’ve started a fan fiction based on the Daniel X character in the current James Patterson series. I’ve taken the character Daniel and made him into a Don Quixote. If you’d like to read what I’ve got so far, go to my story at Dan Q: A Hunter.

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Nothing like science news to cheer up from the winter blues …

Science Daily2010-01-05Few Americans with major depression receive adequate treatmentSummary "Many US adults with major depression do not receive treatment for depression or therapy based on treatment guidelines, and some racial and ethnic groups have even lower rates of adequate depression care, according to a new study." Okay, tell me something new. I’m blue. How ’bout […]

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Character Worksheet for You *.*

I have a gift for you, and you, and you, and you … aw, bummer, you don’t feel special that my gift’s not just for you, and you alone?  I can’t claim any ownership about the idea of developing a character worksheet. As a matter of fact, my inspiration for creating the character worksheet came […]

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Juggling Enhances Brain Connectivity

"Juggling enhances connections in the brain." Oct. 17, 2009 It’s about time for a work of fiction that features teen protagonist who is a juggler and who also happens to have paranormal brain power. Suggestions for young writers: Read the article on Science Daily. Create a character who juggles and make notes or sketches about […]

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