I’ve gone and done it now: Harry Potter fan fiction

I’m in the midst of a Harry Potter fan fiction which will involve some quantum physics theory about time travel. So far I’ve decided to include the Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment, as it is a bewitching example of quantum conundrums. I will also have some discussion of traversable wormholes and the concept of time and space as a single continuum. This will involve relativistic time dilation and probably a many worlds concept of parallel universes to accommodate forward time travel (required for returning to the original “current” time).

The story is told in the past tense with a limited 3rd person omniscient perspective of Severus Snape. It is rather fitting that I chose to make Severus’s point of view in the past tense, since a present tense Hermione Granger is doing the backward time travel. This is a Hermione-Severus romance. Yes, do shame me. Maybe your scathing comments will help me to resist writing this kind of useless, hormone-steeped type of literary smandy (sm*t+fanfiction+candy).

I have intentionally chosen not to follow the Time Turner magic of JK Rowling’s books, since I wish to have Hermione Granger travel backward in time and then return to her exact location. She will be the inventor of her own time travel device and she will obtain a Muggle Ph.D. in Quantum Mechanics or whichever area of physics turns out to be best suited to the story. You can see that I’m already delving into an alternative universe, even though I am attempting to maintain most of the canon universe in this fic. You can read Salubrious Snape Oil at fanfiction.net (pen name DZMom).


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