Imagine a World Where Brain Activity Is Visualized

See “People control thoughts better when they see their brain activity: UBC study” regarding a study published in NeuroImage.

The link above discusses brain activity feedback shown to participants who undertook mental tasks. It reminds me of biofeedback experiments. The link also makes a connection to athletic coaching methods. An athlete often watches video tapes of their performances after the events. What if a person who needs to perform a mental feat would be able to observe their success in real time?

I see a direct connection to the science fiction world. It reminds me of the Six Million Dollar Man. Never heard of him? Check out the TV show theme.
Six Million Dollar Man – Intro (Opening Theme) by STARDUST72

For less sci-fi fantasy types of fiction, imagine a man who has never learned how to keep himself from crying. If he could see the activity in his own brain’s limbic system, he would at the very least know when he was about to dissolve into an embarrassing fit of tears.

Or take the gritty world of post-apocalyptic, PTSD-angst-driven video gamimg. Whether the choice would be to stuff traumatic memory into the lowest recesses of the brain or to bring out a synapse-storm of horrible recollection, it’s all good for a novel where the protagonist has to make a choice.

What would your character do with a real-time brain activity monitor? For starters, your story could have a better acronym than RTBAM. Would the RTBAM be embedded in glasses or contact lenses? Would it be a fake compact mirror of a woman who has a pretense of being obsessed about removing nostril hair? Could it be used in the intelligence world of subterfuge?

Take a crack at it. Let me know if you have any success with the idea. I’d enjoy knowing that this blorb (a blogged blurb) helped out a fellow writer.

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      Hi Lipa4770,

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