Character Worksheet for You *.*

I have a gift for you, and you, and you, and you Disappointed aw, bummer, you don’t feel special that my gift’s not just for you, and you alone? 

I can’t claim any ownership about the idea of developing a character worksheet. As a matter of fact, my inspiration for creating the character worksheet came from one I saw on Longridge Writer’s Group, the adult writer’s companion to the Institute of Children’s Literature.

I could have just thrown you a link to the character worksheet on the Longridge Writer’s Group site. (You can find it there easily yourself.)  But that worksheet didn’t really fit the realities of present-day young adult characters. It lacked online behaviors, for instance. So my offering to you this holiday is the Character Worksheet in my public files … you should be able to find it on my Windows Live space just above this blog.

I’m planning on adding science news feeds to this Windows Live Space in the future. I hope to make this a one-stop science news shop for writers looking for science fodder for fiction. I’d love to hear from my buds who are science fiends for ideas and detraction (anti’s anyone?), alike.

So, why the blog entry tonight? I seem to have gotten a bit of a handle on these winter-time blues over the past week. Perhaps the sun’s rays have shone past the previously impenetrable arctic-sent cloud cover of late. Maybe I’m just coasting into favorable-hormone pre-ovulation 2-week cycle. In any case, I’ve developed a strategy of working for 45 minutes on housework or writing and then taking a five-minute doorstep-sunbath during the day whenever possible.

I hope to blog about science news soon. I also need to retro the stuff that I salvaged from before they deleted my original Sci-Lights group.Angry I suppose the group was too dormant for the mods over there.

Take care, friends.


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